calcium.h – global definitions


const char *calcium_version(void)

Returns a pointer to the version of the library as a string X.Y.Z.

Test code

double calcium_test_multiplier(void)

Multiplier for the number of iterations to run in each unit test. The value can be changed by setting the environment variable CALCIUM_TEST_MULTIPLIER. The default value is 1.0.

Triple-valued logic

This library uses two kinds of predicate functions:

  • Predicates with signature int foo_is_X(const foo_t x) return the usual C boolean values 1 for true and 0 for false, unless otherwise documented. Some functions may return 0 also when truth cannot be certified (this will be documented explicitly).

  • Predicates with signature truth_t foo_check_is_X(const foo_t x) check a mathematical property that may not be decidable (or may be too costly to decide). The return value is a truth_t (T_TRUE, T_FALSE or T_UNKNOWN).

enum truth_t

Represents one of the following truth values:


Warning: the constants T_TRUE and T_FALSE do not correspond to 1 and 0. It is erroneous to write, for example !t if t is a truth_t. One should instead write t != T_TRUE, t == T_FALSE, etc. depending on whether the unknown case should be included or excluded.

Flint, Arb and Antic types

The following types from Flint, Arb and Antic are used throughout Calcium. Although not included automatically by calcium.h, we document them here for convenience.

type slong

Signed full-word integer (64 bits on a 64-bit system).

type ulong

Unsigned full-word integer (64 bits on a 64-bit system).

type fmpz_t

Flint integer.

type fmpq_t

Flint rational number.

type fmpz_poly_t

Flint dense univariate polynomial over the integers.

type fmpq_poly_t

Flint dense univariate polynomial over the rational numbers.

type fmpz_mpoly_t

Flint sparse multivariate integer polynomial.

type fmpz_mpoly_ctx_t

Context for Flint sparse multivariate integer polynomial (defining the number of variables and monomial order).

type fmpz_mat_t

Flint dense matrix over the integers.

type fmpq_mat_t

Flint dense matrix over the rational numbers.

type arb_t

Arb real number.

type acb_t

Arb complex number.

type nf_t

Antic number field.

type nf_elem_t

Antic number field element.

Flint, Arb and Antic extras

Here we collect various utility methods for Flint, Arb and Antic types that are missing in those libraries. Some of these functions may be migrated upstream in the future.

ulong calcium_fmpz_hash(const fmpz_t x)

Hash function for integers. The algorithm may change; presently, this simply extracts the low word (with sign).

Input and output

type calcium_stream_struct
type calcium_stream_t

A stream object which can hold either a file pointer or a string (with automatic resizing).

void calcium_stream_init_file(calcium_stream_t out, FILE *fp)

Initializes the stream out for writing to the file fp. The file can be stdout, stderr, or any file opened for writing by the user.

void calcium_stream_init_str(calcium_stream_t out)

Initializes the stream out for writing to a string in memory. When finished, the user should free the string (the s member of out with flint_free()).

void calcium_write(calcium_stream_t out, const char *s)

Writes the string s to out.

void calcium_write_free(calcium_stream_t out, char *s)

Writes s to out and then frees s by calling flint_free().

void calcium_write_si(calcium_stream_t out, slong x)
void calcium_write_fmpz(calcium_stream_t out, const fmpz_t x)

Writes the integer x to out.

void calcium_write_arb(calcium_stream_t out, const arb_t z, slong digits, ulong flags)
void calcium_write_acb(calcium_stream_t out, const acb_t z, slong digits, ulong flags)

Writes the Arb number z to out, showing digits digits and with the display style specified by flags (ARB_STR_NO_RADIUS, etc.).