Fredrik's Doom stuff

I was active for several years in the Doom community (modding the classic id Software game). My best-known creations are the Vrack series, three maps once notorious for their size and level of detail (Vrack 2, released in 2001, made it onto Doomworld's list of the top 100 WADs of all time).

Besides designing several maps, I wrote Omgifol, a Python library for Doom WAD files with support for editing level data, textures, sprites, color palettes, etc. Among other things, Omgifol is used to generate map renderings for the Doom Wiki (I originally started this wiki, but no longer edit regularly).

Title File Wiki idgames db Reviews Demos Screens
Vrack Vrack #10950 1 2 3 4 5 Yes 1 2 3
Vrack 2 Vrack 2 #11138 1 2 3 4 Yes 1
(version b) #11438
Vrack 3 Vrack 3 #12275 1 2 - 1 2 3 4 5 6
Coecits Coecits #11243 1 2 - 1

I participated in several of Doomworld's speedmapping events (making a Doom map on a given theme in 100 minutes). My entries are:

NiGHTMARE also hosted a few speedmapping sessions in which I participated:

I submitted an entry for a contest held by (R.I.P) to create a map in the style of Doom's episode 1. The contributions were judged by John Romero. My map (E1M4 in the compilation) ranked #3 (I blame this on the fact that I only had half of the contest time to work on it). The contest pages disappeared with Doomcenter, so here's a copy of (727 KB). It is also available at the Doom Wad Station.

I've also contributed various graphics to Freedoom.