Fredrik Johansson's guitar music

This page will collect my compositions for solo acoustic guitar. I plan to provide both bare-bones tabs (plain .txt files) and recordings (MP3 + YouTube videos). Expect a melange of baroque, jazz, and off-the-wall influences. Some pieces are guitar arrangements of my MIDI music. Others have been composed directly for the guitar. Everything is subject to future revision.

I've been playing the guitar since around starting elementary school and I took weekly lessons for several years, but I don't have a formal music education and I don't practice technique systematically, so my own performances probably leave a lot to be desired. Some of these pieces will be at the edge of my ability to play, let alone play well. I would be delighted to hear performances by more competent guitarists!


Title Tabs Audio Video Comments
Melody for A. melody_for_a.txt melody_for_a.mp3 Video (YouTube) 2018-09-07