Fredrik's music

I started composing MIDIs in 1999, and it has remained my second biggest hobby after programming. My main influence is video game music (Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu, and others), and indeed many tracks are intended as music for some (imagined) game. I also draw inspiration from jazz and jazz fusion (e.g. Chick Corea), Bach, heavy/power/progressive metal and rock music in general. I compose everything by score editing, i.e. I don't record anything with a keyboard. I mainly use Cakewalk 3.01, which is ancient but works beautifully for plain MIDI editing (unlike many newer programs). I recently also started using Sekaiju which is very nice.

As of November 2013, I have created some 1700 MIDI files with a total playing time of 29 hours (that includes maybe 10% alternate versions and duplicates, though). Perhaps a hundred of these are more-or-less complete tracks, a few hundred are good starts (melodies or intros I'm happy with, in need of being extended to proper compositions), and a majority are just scribbles. This page lists a selection of presentable tracks that are completed or reasonably close to being completed. Even if I "complete" a piece (and I tend to have trouble getting there!), I usually find something to change later. Thus everything is really a work in progress.


For listening convenience, I'm providing audio renditions recorded on a standard laptop soundcard (look further down on this page for the source MIDI files and comments about each track). There are some glitches. Many of these MIDIs will sound (much) better with a fancy SoundFont or a good hardware synth, but that tends to be hit or miss, at least without a lot of tweaking.

MIDI files and info

MIDI file Piano roll Length Updated Style Comments
dark_realm.mid pdf 2:46(L) 2014-10-26 Orchestral Zelda-style. Composed in 2010 and 2012.
cavern.mid pdf 1:07 2014-10-26 Orchestral A dark place.
altitude.mid pdf 2:40 2014-10-26 Orchestral A windy place.
cliff.mid pdf 1:47 2014-10-26 Orchestral An even more windy place.
tarpit.mid pdf 1:07 2014-10-26 Orchestral An unusual place.
cabal.mid pdf 1:51 2014-10-26 Orchestral
ending_triumph.mid pdf 1:29 2014-10-26 Orchestral A very old piece, from around 2000.
mansion_of_the_twilight_pickle.mid pdf 4:35(L) 2014-09-27 Other Music for an unfinished Doom level.
legend.mid pdf 2:21(L) 2013-12-03 Other Cute. Early 2000s.
map.mid pdf 1:07(L) 2013-12-03 Orchestral Intermission music for a game. Pretty. Mid-2000s.
ethereal.mid pdf 1:14(L) 2013-12-03 Orchestral Early 2000s.
fanfare1.mid pdf 0:11 2010-03-28 Orchestral Just a short jingle.
fanfare2.mid pdf 0:07 2010-04-04 Other Another short jingle.
fanfare3.mid pdf 0:16 2014-10-26 Other
mupp.mid pdf 0:39 2014-10-26 Other A looney tune.
old_man's_tale.mid pdf 2:05(L) 2013-12-03 Rock Uphill both ways through the snow. Music for an unfinished Doom map, early 2000s.
hopla.mid pdf 3:09(L) 2013-11-25 Jazz It has a catchy refrain. Composed around 2009.
lurking_for_prey.mid pdf 2:03(L) 2013-11-25 Jazz/Other Boss music. Composed around 2005.
melon.mid pdf 6:32 2013-11-25 Jazz Gently rolling along. Composed around 2003.
sunset_caravan.mid pdf 4:20 2013-11-25 Jazz/Orchestral Prelude to Orange Jungle. Composed around 2002.
black_hole_rift.mid pdf 6:34 2013-11-25 Electronic An experiment with a wall-of-sound buildup. Composed in 2001.
escape_from_evil.mid pdf 6:36(L) 2013-11-25 Electronic Soundtrack for a Doom map. Composed in 2000.
magitek.mid pdf 4:00(L) 2013-11-15 Rock/Jazz Vaguely influenced by the Magitek Factory music (and some other themes) in FFVI. Composed around 2012.
pine_dance.mid pdf 6:11 2012-04-12 Strings One of my most ambitious works, arranged for a string quartet. Has a story structure with multiple themes, transitions between light and dark moods, plenty of counterpoint, and some interesting harmonies. Composed between July 2010 and April 2012.
desert_wizard.mid pdf 1:56 2013-11-15 Other Fantasy character theme. Composed in the early 2000s.
boss_blaster.mid pdf 5:19 2012-10-01 Rock A hectic, weird boss battle. It goes to a second stage at 2:25. Composed in 2010.
spiral.mid pdf 2:13(L) 2014-10-26 Experimental It goes round and round. The second half is essentially an inversion of the first half.
rain_clouds.mid pdf 4:16 2014-10-26 Orchestral Weather imagery: rain droplets entering at 0:40, sunlight breaking through clouds at 1:15, a hard rain at 2:30, and warring thunder giants at the end. Made around 2004, possibly earlier.
the_bog.mid pdf 2:40 2012-05-12 Orchestral Ambience for an unpleasant place. One of my first attempts at something resembling an orchestral arrangement, made in May 2001.
jovial_dungeon_terror.mid pdf 3:11 2013-11-16 Other Silly castle music. Early 2000s.
galleon.mid pdf 1:10(L) 2013-11-16 Pirate Happy pirate theme, around 2004.
attack.mid pdf 2:47 2012-05-20 Orchestral Star Wars-style battle. Composed in 2001.
jupiter.mid pdf 2:11(L) 2013-11-16 Orchestral King of the Gods (or pompous as such). Composed in 2005, with later modifications.
lullaby.mid pdf 0:57 2013-11-14 Cute A simple melody and one of my first compositions, written down in February 1999.
glimmer.mid pdf 0:55 2013-11-14 Orchestral A pretty crescendo. Composed around 2004.
merchant.mid pdf 1:40(L) 2013-11-15 Other Theme for one of those characters in RPGs who set up shops set up in the strangest of places...
the_magnificent_lamberto.mid pdf 5:18(L) 2013-11-15 Other Theme for a brilliant illusionist. Composed around 2010.
orange_jungle.mid pdf 3:12(L) 2013-11-17 Other Simple but atmospheric. Composed around 2003.
cubular.mid pdf 2:52 2013-11-15 Other Conventional chords are overrated. Composed 2012-2013.
regal.mid pdf 4:43 2012-03-17 Piano A theatrical, somewhat silly piece. Probably not physically playable on a single piano. Composed around 2003 (possibly earlier).
kwerpex.mid pdf 3:41 2014-10-26 Rock I have no idea what a kwerpex is, but it supposedly sounds like this. Nice guitar melody. Composed in 2000.
bbg's_jazz.mid pdf 2:53 2012-03-15 Jazz Straight-up swing. This piece is quite old (very early 2000s), and that considered, the arrangement is not too bad.
locomotive.mid pdf 4:42(L) 2013-11-14 Rock A very jolly song. Made in 2010.
omega.mid pdf 3:09(L) 2013-11-16 Rock/Electronic Music for an unfished Doom map.
ready_to_frag.mid pdf 2:28(L) 2013-11-14 Metal Music for a Doom map. Written in 2001, with later revisions to the solos.
coecits_title.mid pdf 0:59 2008-09-03 Other Soundtrack (title screen) for the Doom map Castle of Eternal Carrot in the Sky (COECITS). Composed in 2001.
coecits_level.mid pdf 2:40(L) 2011-10-30 Other Soundtrack (main theme) for COECITS. Composed in 2001.
coecits_ending.mid pdf 0:33 2007-10-27 Other Soundtrack (ending) for COECITS. Composed in 2001.
cargo.mid pdf 2:03(L) 2008-07-06 Rock/Electronic Soundtrack for the Doom map Vrack 3. Composed in 2003.
ledge.mid pdf 2:49(L) 2013-11-14 Rock/Electronic Music for an unfinished Doom map.
tarantula.mid pdf 2:47(L) 2013-11-14 Metal Music for an unfinished Doom map.
fzero.mid pdf 1:20(L) 2013-11-14 Rock/Electronic Imagined as track music for an F-Zero style game. Late 2000s.
corkscrew.mid pdf 2:26(L) 2013-11-16 Metal Imagined as track music for an F-Zero style game. Composed in 2003.
cirka.mid pdf 0:40(L) 2005-09-16 Circus Joke music. Circa 2000.
hurg.mid pdf 3:32(L) 2011-06-18 Rock Not quite serious, but groovy nonetheless. Early 2000s.

Note: (L) indicates that the current version of the track is meant to loop.


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