First install both FLINT (version 2.5 or later) and Arb (version 2.16 or later). See:

Python-FLINT is available on PyPI, the Python Package Index ( The latest release can be installed using:

pip install python-flint

Python-FLINT is also available on conda-forge ( It can be installed using:

conda install -c conda-forge python-flint

Python-FLINT can also be installed from a local git checkout or a source archive as follows:

pip install .

To build Python-FLINT manually, you may first have to install some build dependencies:

sudo apt-get install cython python-dev

Then run:

python build_ext
sudo python install

Run the test suite:

python test/

Build the documentation:

cd doc
make html
cd ..

Additional paths

The FLINT and Arb header files and library files ( and must be available at compile time. If they are in a nonstandard location (for example, if they have been built but not installed), use a command such as the following to build:

python ./ build_ext --include-dirs=/home/fredrik/src/flint2:/home/fredrik/src/arb --library-dirs=/home/fredrik/src/flint2:/home/fredrik/src/arb

Likewise, before starting the Python interpreter, tell the linker where to find the library files using something like:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/fredrik/src/flint2:/home/fredrik/src/arb:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH