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FLINT 2.4 and Arb 1.0

December 22, 2013

Just in time for Christmas, version 2.4 of FLINT (Fast Library for Number Theory) was released yesterday. This version is by far the best FLINT yet and represents over a year’s work by a large number of people. Some highlights include faster polynomial factorisation, support for finite fields of non-prime order, more and improved p-adic features, and a C++ interface. There is much more: check the release announcement for the gory details.

To commemorate the new FLINT release, we have put up a redesigned website. It includes a nifty benchmarks page showing FLINT to be faster than various computer algebra systems and number theory libraries on a selection of problems such as factoring polynomials over finite fields, computing p-adic functions, doing arithmetic with power series, and generating Bernoulli numbers.

I also decided to mark the current version of Arb as version 1.0. This version should be “production-ready” and fully compatible with the FLINT 2.4 release (so no need to install a git version). The history page has a list of major changes since the last release 0.7, the most notable being:

With that, let me wish the reader Happy Holidays. Looking forward to a prosperous 2014 of coding!  |  Blog index  |  RSS feed  |  Follow me on Mastodon  |  Become a sponsor