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Arb 2.8.0 released

December 29, 2015

I've tagged Arb 2.8.0, just in time before the new year. There are important bugfixes, compatibility enhancements, and new features. I've already blogged about the Airy functions, the hypergeometric 2F1 function and computing Bell numbers. There's much more that I won't have time to write about in detail.

According to the changelog, at least eight people besides myself contributed to this release, which is a new record (apologies if I forgot to credit someone). Much activity was prompted by Arb becoming a standard package of both SageMath and the Julia computer algebra package Nemo. This meant that various screws had to be tightened and some new holes had to be drilled. Bill Hart notably took on the massive job of making the code compatible with 64-bit Windows (mainly by replacing all uses of long with FLINT's slong).


What hasn't made it (yet)

A few nagging issues remain undone, including:

I try to keep the git master the best version at any time, so that new version numbers simply can be inserted at arbitrary, convenient times (release early, release often). Version 2.7.0 was tagged in July. Rather than delaying 2.8.0 any further, the items above will just have to wait another version number or two. Of course, those undone issues are just minor things. Here are some bigger development ideas, some of which I hope to work on in 2016:

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